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0438 121 686
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SLM Myotherapy, Remedial Massage Goodwood, Wayville, Deep Tissue, Pain Relief, Sciatica, Chronic/Acute Lower Back Pain. Shoulder, Neck Pain. Rotated Pelvis, Tight Hamstrings, Calf Muscles, Feet, Sprained or Strained Ligament or Muscle Sprain.

Cate Specialises in SLM Myotherapy Bodywork

Restoring length to muscles using massage and "acupressure" techniques. Acupressure points is an ancient healing art that uses pressure on specific points on the body with the goal of relieving pain and discomfort which may be caused by energy imbalance or blockage.

The benefits of SLM Myotherapy is the fast & long lasting relief from pain, especially chronic pain that has been in the body for a number of months or even years.

And How Exactly is this SLM Myotherapy Done?
Cate will continually move around your body using unique massage & acupressure techniques to search out problem muscles that may be causing imbalances or pain.

The imbalances are treated deeply in brief intervals so that by the end of a treatment the condition of those muscles have improved dramatically but in such a way as not to overwork and injure them.

What is Muscle Imbalances?
When your body is out of balance this ends up being slightly heavier on one side causing more of a load on certain muscles than others. This puts the weight bearing joints slightly out of alignment which can lead to problems with those joints.

It’s this tightness & these changes to the muscle alignment which must be addressed. To remove the pressure that has already or is in the process of building up in or around the joint causing pain or a slow deterioration of the joint structure.

What Causes an Unbalanced Body?
Back pain is caused by an accumulation of 'traumas' to your body that are inflicted over time which pull your pelvis & spine & eventually your whole body out of alignment.

So what are these traumas to your body that force your body out of alignment & eventually cause pain?

Simply answered, everything you do every day!!

Standing or sitting for too long, exercising with an out of body balance, bad posture, poor lifestyle, being overweight, stress and fatigue.

Your body goes into a tug-of-war trying to deal with all of this which then forces your muscles to tense & your spine to twist & distort as they try valiantly to compensate for these traumas. One thing leads to another & because your muscles are attached to your joints the ongoing stress & tension spreads to the joints as well which impacts their normal motion causing further imbalances.

The results of these imbalances on your body is Pain.

Prevent Injury, Treat Pain, Manage Dysfunction & Maintain Muscle Balance in Musculoskeletal Health.

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How Does my Treatment Differ from Other Therapies?
I treat the body as a whole rather than a sum of parts & look for & usually find the cause of a problem away from the area where you are feeling the pain.

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My intention as a Remedial Massage Therapist is to provide you the best treatment & help relieve chronic pain & injury with the goal being not only help relieve Your pain & stress but to restore the correct length & energy back into the muscles & Balance Your Body.

Remedial Massage – 60 Minutes $70 or 90 Minutes $90

SLM Myotherapy 60 Minutes - $80
Maintenance treatment

SLM Myotherapy 90 Minutes - $105

90 Minutes is Recommended for initial treatment, especially if you have several areas of your body that require treatment


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